Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's Not Just About Academics

One of the most rewarding aspects of working with Mr. Mitchell's class this year has been to watch the students independently experiment and grow in areas that are not always covered in typical elementary school curricula. This is possible because Mr. Mitchell not only allows experimentation, but encourages it and prompts students to share their work on the overhead and to teach other students how they created it. It's amazing to see how the student artists are able to break down their work into simple steps so that other students can follow along in real time and recreate their work on their own iPads.

On my last visit, I noticed several students creating and sharing art amongst themselves and Mr. Mitchell at lunch. I was very impressed with the way students were experimenting with different media and apps and creating impressive images of which they seemed very proud. I asked a few students to send me some of their work, Here are some of the submissions. (You can click on an image to see a larger version.)

Porcupine (Makennah)

My Dog (Karli)

Streetlights (Maddy)

Dog (McKinley)

Lizard (Makennah)

Rose (Karli)

Shark (Nels)

Mouse (Angie)

Fish (Monique)

And here is a short video of how students do the sharing--wirelessly connecting to the projector using an Apple TV.

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