Apps We Like

We use free apps as much as possible. If you have any suggestions for us, leave a comment.

This app lets you put objects on the iPad screen and measure them. Great for recording samples from field trips.

Adobe Ideas
We use Adobe Ideas for just about everything--marking up our Everyday Math pages, drawing and sketching, and even planning scripts for our podcasts.

Drawing Box
A great app for drawing and painting, with a a variety of brushes and tools and an excellent symmetry tool. You can play back your images and save them as movies. We use this so often that we purchased the paid version, but the free version is excellent, too.

Google Earth
We like Google Earth because you can visit anywhere on the planet. We've found places we used to live in Germany, France, and many other places.

We use Keynote for everything--creating reports, composing stories, making tessellations, creating transformations, and giving presentations. We're always coming up with new ways to use this app. We bought this one.

Little Solver Figural Analogies
Very challenging game that presents analogies as visual transformations.

With Map-o-meter you can load Google maps and drop pins anywhere on the map to measure distances. If you drop two pins, Map-o-Meter will measure the real distance between them. If you drop pins along a route, it will measure distances between each pin and the total route distance. If you close the path, it will also measure area.

Very nice app for marking up PDF files with notes, highlighters, and pens. We use this for some of our worksheets.

Popplet Lite
Popplet Lite is a great brainstorming tool that we use on the projector to come up with ideas for projects.

Touch Band
Touch Band has a piano, drums, bongos, synthesizer, and guitar that you can play by touching them. You can record yourself playing. We use this to create music for our podcasts.

A challenging visual planning app in which you have to connect dots in a geometric figure without crossing the same line twice.

A challenging word game discovered by one of our students that lets you look up the definitions of words after you have played them. It's a fun way to discover new words.

Word Warp
Another challenging word game that can be played online against another player. You have to make as many words as possible from a given set of letters in a limited time.