Saturday, September 17, 2011

Practicing Podcasts

Nels and Jerry spent some time on Friday composing a podcast on how to use one of their favorite apps, TouchBand. They used two apps for this process: TouchBand and Notes. They wrote their script using Notes on one iPad while composing and recording demonstration clips with TouchBand on a second iPad. After an hour or so, they were ready to try out their podcast. We found a quiet spot in the library to try out a few new ideas. We decided to make a video of the process so that other classes could learn how we did it.

We wanted to use our new Samson Go Mic for the recording. This is a USB mic that attaches to the iPad using the camera connection kit from Apple. The sound quality is excellent and it comes with a 10-foot USB cable so that you can record audio clearly without having to be right next to the event you are recording. It's also great for interviews and recording live instruments.

We attached the Go Mic to Mrs. Mitchell's iPad and placed it between Jerry and Nels, close to them and to the iPad they were using to play their sound clips. Mrs. Mitchell used the Camera app on her iPad to record over-the-shoulder video of Jerry and Nels while I recorded the process using a video camera. The sound you hear in the video came from Mrs. Mitchell's iPad and the Go Mic, as it was superior to the camera audio. You can see the Go Mic sitting on the table between the iPads in the video.

Here's the video that we created. It's going to make a great podcast.

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